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editor's choice: Bio Video

Josh's Video Bio

A video bio is where we ask you questions on camera that give viewers a better idea oif your hobbies, interests and traits that make you different from other students. For his video bio, Josh shows his motorcycle.

Working With Us

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    How to Get Ready For a Video Shoot Preparation

    Almost every student with whom we work for the first time is surprised how much preparation occurs before they step in front of the video camera.

    The more time you spend in advance preparing your script and pre-planning what you will be doing in front of the camera, the faster you will complete your video shoot and the more watchable your video will be to viewers.

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    What to Expect When Being Part of a Video Shoot What to Expect

    Visiting us for one of our video shoots? Expect every minute to be booked.

    No parties. Very little time to visit a gym and shooting videos from early morning until night.